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NeMoloko Classic oatmeal drink 3.2% | 1L

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Water, oatmeal 11.5%, rapeseed oil, vitamin D2 (ergocalceferol), vitamin B2 (fish flavin), acidity regulators: calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate; iodized edible salt (salt, potassium iodate.

The technology used by the company makes it possible to preserve the beneficial properties of oats and turn this wonderful cereal into a liquid drinking product rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, micro and macro elements, and also contains oat beta-glucan. Drink Nemoloko instead of milk, add to coffee and tea, use for breakfast - cereals, scrambled eggs, smoothies, cereals, pancakes with Nemoloko are very tasty.
Nemoloko oat classic 3.2%, like classic light 1.5%,  does not contain added sugar. The sweetish taste of the product is due to the peculiarities of the technology, one of the stages of which is the fermentation process. Under the action of enzymes, the starch molecules contained in oatmeal are broken down first to maltose (disaccharides), and then to glucose (simple sugars). This is what causes the slightly sweet taste. Do not believe those who claim that we added sugar, but they did not write about it on the package - this is not true.
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