Available Payment Options

How am I going to pay for my shopping?

We only accept payments in £ Sterling or € Euros

Online Secure payment using Sagepay, Cash on delivery (we only accept £ Sterling. 

Cheques will be accepted once you have ordered 3 or more times with us.For future reference, if you decide to pay by cheque, you will need to provide us with a cheque guarantee card.

For any cheques that bounce, you will be eligible to pay a £20 fee.Under no circumstances should you provide any debit or credit card details on this web-site.

The total indicated in the shopping basket will be a close approximate, as prices of some of the products may vary slightly, depending on market prices of the day in France. This applies particularly to fruit and vegetables, as they may vary accordingly to the seasons.

Should a price be higher than the website indicates, we will check with you first, before delivery.

If you would like to know the exact amount prior to your delivery day, we provide a service indicating the exact price of the invoice, which is sent either by text message or e-mail. Please let us know if you are interested in this service.