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SKU: P5159

Danone Activia Fruits variety 16x125g

Ingredients: WHOLE MILK (Origin: France) fruit: strawberry (8.4%), mango (8.3%), rhubarb (8%), apricot (8%), cherry (8%), fig (8%) CONCENTRATED or powdered skimmed milk (Origin: EU) sugar (6.3% on average) tapioca starch (in cherry and rhubarb varieties) cream (MILK) (Origin: France) thickening agents (fruit pectins (E440)) carrot and pumpkin concentrates (in mango variety) ferments (including yogurt ferments and Bifidobacterium (Bifidus ActiRegularis)) (MILK) natural flavors (MILK in strawberry and fig varieties) caramelized sugar (in rhubarb variety) lemon juice, carrot juice, and black carrot concentrate (in strawberry, fig and apricot varieties) carrot concentrate (in fig variety) carrot and blueberry concentrate (in cherry variety) MILK mineral concentrate

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