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Meisterkoch Dumplings With Chicken Meat | 1kg

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50% stuffing (49% chicken, onion, water, beef 9%, salt, spices, condiment), 50% dough (WHEAT FLOUR, water, egg, rapeseed oil, cooking salt).

Dumplings are a legendary product. This is a national dish of Russian cuisine, which has already gained popularity all over the world and does not need a special description. The calorie of the dumplings is high, they quickly quench hunger, as well as have a stunning taste that almost everyone likes.
Preparation: Put the frozen dumpling into 3 litters of boiling salt water. Bring dumplings to boil briefly until they rise to surface. Allow to simmer on a moderate heat for about 6-7 minutes more. Serve boiled dumplings with a garnish of sour cream / mayonnaise / vinegar, by adding the salt and pepper, optionally dill. 
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