Monolith Pancakes With Cottage Cheese | 1kg

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30% stuffing (68% cottage cheese, sugar, salt, KEFIR, EGGS water, flavoring agent -vanillin, modified starch, hydrocolloid (E407, E415), maltoxtrin), 70% dough (WHEAT FLOUR, FULL MILK POWDER, EGGS mass, water, rapeseed oil, cooking salt, sugar).

Pancakes with cottage cheese - one of the most «cozy» truly homemade dishes. The hardest thing for the household is to wait until the pancakes are reunited with the cottage cheese filling and roasted. And for that, perhaps, we have decided to save your expensive time and enjoy the ease of cooking already with cooked pancakes with cottage cheese! Well, agree, is it possible to hold on and not eat a freshly baked pancake (even if it is tinted only on one side) or not try «a little» of that filling with a dizzying vanilla aroma?! When the pancakes with cheese are fully prepared, solemnly invite the household to the table.
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