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Monolith Pancakes With Meat | 1kg

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25% stuffing (4% pork fat, 30% beef meat, beef hearts - 30%, water, onion, spices, salt), 75% dough (WHEAT FLOUR, FULL MILK POWDER, EGGS, water, rapeseed oil, cooking salt, sugar).

Pancakes with meat – recipe for cooking soviet cuisine. Probably, in every family such a dish was prepared – at first the meat was boiled, Ukrainian borsch was cooked from the meat broth, and the filling for pancakes was prepared from the boiled meat. The result was two wonderful dishes, and the family was fed for several days. The boiled meat was previously twisted in a meat grinder and fried with onions, and after such minced meat was wrapped in pancakes, put pancakes in a saucepan and put in the refrigerator. Before serving, the pancakes were fried in a pan and they acquired a golden hue, the pancakes with meat were obtained with a crispy crust and juicy meat filling.
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