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SKU: P1030

Danone Taillefine variety yogurts 0% FAT 16x125g

ingredients: Skim milk (72.8%), concentrated skim milk or powdered fruits: strawberry (13%), apricot (12.9%), mature (10%), cherry (10%), pineapple (8.5% ), lemon (3.5%), bulking agent: E 1200 or polydextrose (fiber) (varieties in pineapple, lemon, strawberry and blackberry), thickeners: E 1422 (modified starch), E 440 (pectin), E 412 (guar gum), E 407 (carragnénanes), E 415 (xanthan gum), lemon juice (in varieties apricot, pineapple, lemon and strawberry), colors: E 163 (anthocyanins) (in cherry variety), E 160c (paprika extract) (in apricot variety), E 160a (beta-carotene) (in apricot variety), E 120 (carmine) (in variety strawberry and blackberry), flavors, sweeteners: E 951 (aspartame), E 950 (acesulfame -K), E 955 (sucralose), lactic acid, vitamin D.

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