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SKU: P1230

The Laughing Cow 8x cheese dippers original | 280g

Ingredients : cheese spread (fat contents 20% on the total weight, are fat contents 45% in the dry matter): milk skim-cheeses, cast iron butter-salts: phosphates of calcium-polyphosphate-citrates-diphosphates and milk sodium-protein phosphates. For the gressins: flour of corn 68%-oil of palm-malt-salt-yeast. The Laughing Cow® is one of the world's best loved cheese brands. And it's easy to see why. It is convenient and fun, with a superbly smooth, creamy taste. The cheese is also a natural source of calcium, which is good news for teeth and bones. Now little ones can enjoy Giggles from The Laughing Cow for a yummy treat which is a nutritious snack filled with creamy goodness and a great alternative to sugary snacks.

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