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Isigny Camembert au Lait cru | 250g

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COW’S MILK - Salt - Ferments - Rennet - Calcium chloride


Isigny Camembert with raw milk 250 gr - 22% MG/PT 45% MG/ES - cow’s milk

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anonymous user
Jan. 14, 2022, 2:27 p.m.
Perfectly ok, but at this price I was hoping for something a little more remarkable. When I ws young each camembert had a mind of its own, starting off with a chalky heart and ending up - if you left it that long, which one mostly didn't - taking over the cupboard or fridge where it had been accommodated. These days it's several notches closer to "just another factory cheese". The English can do that for themselves. With something like a camembert one still dares to hope for something a bit more interesting